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*** SCOPE ***

SID2006 is the fifth workshop on the subject of social intelligence design focused on the impact and significance of information technology in our lives, work, home, and on the move. In this workshop we consider Social Intelligence (SI) as the ability for people to relate to, understand and interact effectively with others. The central question is how SI is mediated through the use of emerging technologies. We focus on three key factors in SID2006:

1) Development, operation, and evaluation of support systems or tools for SID
2) Observation and modeling of psychological and behavioral processes of e-community
3) Social intelligence design by pilot program and computer-aided simulation.

*** Topics of the workshop includes ***

- Natural Interactions
covering theory, modeling and analytical frameworks that have been developed with Social Intelligence Design in mind, including situated computation, embodied conversational agents, sociable artifacts, socially intelligent robots.
- Communities
covering community media, communication patterns in online communities, knowledge-creating, network and anonymous communities.
- Collaboration Technologies and tools
covering innovations to support interactions within communities, covering a range from knowledge sharing systems, multi-agent systems and interactive systems.
- Application Domains - including design, workspaces, education, e-commerce, entertainment, digital democracy, digital cities, policy and business.


Paper Submission: November 10, 2005
Acceptance Notification: December 25, 2005
Submission of Revised Paper: February 1, 2006

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