TPR: TinyProofReader β version

TPR: TinyProofReader β version

Last update: 2011-02-10
Naohiro Matsumura



TPRの最新バージョンは 0.01 です。Windows版とMac OSX版があります。

インストール for Win

インストール for Mac


例えば以下のサンプルデータ eng.txt をTPRにかけると

Fire and Motion, for small companies like mine, means two things. You have to have?time on your side, and you have to move forward every day. Sooner or later you will win. All I managed to do yesterday is improve the color scheme in FogBUGZ just a little bit. That's OK. It's getting better all the time. Every day our software is better and better and we have more and more customers and that's all that matters. Until we're a company the size of Oracle, we don't?have to think about grand strategies. We just have to come in every morning and somehow, launch the editor.

以下のような出力ファイル eng.csv が得られます。

101000000,"Fire and Motion,"
88,"for small companies like mine,"
366000000,"means two things."
3750000000,"You have to have?"
515000000,"time on your side,"
4,"and you have to move forward every day."
131,"Sooner or later you will win."
5,"All I managed to do yesterday is"
3,"improve the color scheme in"
3,"FogBUGZ just a little bit."
246000000,"That's OK."
505000000,"It's getting better all the time."
22,"Every day our software is"
638000000,"better and better and"
7,"we have more and more customers and"
126000000,"that's all that matters."
3,"Until we're a company the size of Oracle,"
935000000,"we don't?"
3,"have to think about grand strategies."
118,"We just have to come in"
61,"every morning and somehow,"
64800000,"launch the editor."


TPRは をダブルクリックすると起動します。使い方は非常に簡単なので起動すれば分かると思います。サンプルデータ eng.txt で試してみてください。